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The Fineberg Group LLC is a locally owned and operated commercial real estate development company that owns and manages properties in Carmel and Greenwood.  Established in 1951 by Milton "Josh" Fineberg, the company began as a single and multi-family home builder in the greater Indianapolis area, responsible for the construction of over 3000 residential units and numerous apartment and subdivision complexes.  In the early 70's

the company started venturing into commercial retail and office properties, which changed the direction of the company's future.


Josh's son Mark joined the company in 1974 and brought with​ him a fresh approach for continuing the growth and reputation of the company. Though they continued building residential properties in the 70's, the father-son duo began to concentrate solely on the commercial real estate market in the early 80's and never looked back.  Mark became president of the company in 1988 and dedicated himself to continuing the success of the company his father founded.


In 2003 Mark's oldest son David joined the company, bringing a legal background and a renewed commitment to the growth and management of the company.  Mark's youngest son Brian joined the company in 2006, adding a marketing and leasing background to the mix.  


With over 60 years of experience in the real estate industry and three generations of family working towards a common goal, The Fineberg Group has continued to stay committed to building on the quality service we have provided throughout the company's history.  In today's environment where large corporations and absentee landlords have become the "norm", we take pride in directly managing all of our properties, and therefore providing the kind of personal service that our tenants deserve. 


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